Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cole is a month!!

I can already promise I will not be posting monthly of life with Cole. Oh, how I wish I could, but time is just not going to allow it :) But, Cole's first month as a part of our family is definetely something to be documented!
If Cole was anyone's first child they would laugh at parents who were struggling and plan to have 10 more children.  Seriously, he really is incredibly laid back and a super easy baby.  He has yet to have a crying fit (knock on wood!), and we really haven't heard much crying from him at all.  He kind of yells a few times when he needs his paci or is hungry and then just waits til someone can help him.  I think God knew that he had two older and slightly demanding sisters and his parents desperately needed a laid back little boy.
Cole is so incredibly sweet.  We have yet to see a full smile, but he has tons of facial expressions and has made small attempts to give us a grin.  We think he is going to have blue eyes and are keeping our fingers crossed they stay blue!
Cole has been eating easily on a three hour time schedule all day and all night.  He is still eating at 11, 2, and 5 like clock work at night and not doing too much stretching, but he eats for 5-7 minutes and goes right back down, so it really isn't bad at all.    He loves to be swaddled and has learned to take good long naps during the day, even with the girls running and yelling around him.
This is Cole's first little buddy, Henry, who was born 2 days after him.  They were just a few ounces different at birth, but we got them together at one month and Henry is one POUND bigger than Cole.  I cannot believe it.  We need to fatten this little boy up!  He is going to be long and lean like his daddy I think.
Sweet Cole, we cannot wait to see what personality emerges from you!  You have already stolen all of our hearts and we cannot imagine life without you!


Britt Watt said...

Haha Henry is such a chunk! Send me the pics of all the kids. Also you are inspiring with how on top of posting new entries! I love readin your blog.

jacksonfamily said...

I'm sending it now....I like posting, it makes me feel like I'm doing something productive, haha. I'm sad you are moving this week :(