Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snow day!!!

Saturday LD was traveling home from Michigan and mid morning snow started falling.  Clare was so excited and wanted to go outside, but nothing was sticking, and it was cold and muddy.  That, on top of the fact it was just me with the three of them made it easy to say no.  Needless to say, Clare had a rough morning.
Thankfully, daddy arrived home around 2pm, and by 5:30 everything was covered with snow!! This was Elle's very first snow and they were so thrilled to be able to head outside with daddy!

We have an awesome hill next to our house so the girls attempted "sledding" on an upside down garbage can lid, yes, redneck I know.  But there really wasn't enough snow to make it work.

So Clare was happy to attempt snow angels instead :)

With the help of daddy they ended the afternoon building this spectacular snow girl....she has seen better days!  They look cold and miserable, but I promise they really did have fun!!
Yay for I'm happy to not see it again til next year :)

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