Thursday, February 14, 2013

Leaving a legacy

On Tuesday LDs Grandma Jackson went home to be with Jesus.  She was diagnosed a few weeks ago with cancer and was told it would be a short fight.   Grandma was ready to go home.  She was tired, the love of her life was already waiting on her, and she was ready to join him and meet Jesus.  She passed very quickly and I pray when I am to that point in my life, I go quickly too, knowing what is waiting on the other side is far better than here.

My relationship with grandma was unique because I am not her grandchild, yet she treated me as if I was ever since LD and I met.  Her and my grandma became friends at mine and LDs wedding and the next year when my grandma passed away, grandma Jackson took over that role in my life.  Over the last eight years we exchanged monthly snail mail letters, which is such a treasure in today's technology world.  I received a letter just a few weeks ago with her expressing excitement over her great grandson who was soon to be born.  Most of the letters were about the weather, what book she was reading, her mowing the lawn or shoveling snow, and always about feeding the birds.  She was dedicated to putting bird food in her feeders so she could sit in her chair and watch them out the window.

I told LD yesterday how thankful I am for grandma as she was the one who took him to church as a child and introduced him to Jesus.  His life was shaped by her influence and prayers for him, which has shaped my life and will mold our children.  Can you think of a more beautiful legacy to leave behind than knowing you had a hand in directing your grandchild and great grandchildren to eternity?    I have no doubt she spent hours praying for us and for our children up until the last moments of her life, along with the rest of her children and grandchildren.


I wish more than anything I was heading home with LD this week to say goodbye to grandma and to support him.  After much discussion we decided it is better for me and the kids to stay home with Cole being so young.  I've fought a lot of emotions this week...sadness at the loss, frustration at the timing, fear at handling all three for a few days alone.  All of that combined with crazy hormones and 4-5 hours of broken sleep at night have left me slightly weepy.  All of the emotions led me to the same answer.  God is always about the big picture and His timing is perfect.

My prayers this week are for my sweet husband and his travels home to support his family, gratitude for a godly woman who invested in her grandson....and that at the end of three days my sanity is intact and I have not sold my children to the circus!

Love you Grandma Jackson and am so thankful for the life you lived.


Heather Meyers said...

This is so beautiful Melissa, it brought a tear to my eyes! And I am so sorry for your family's loss.

Jessica said...

This is beautiful, Meliss. I'm so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with you guys. Love you