Tuesday, February 5, 2013

M is for Muffin

It is hard to believe its been 11 days since Cole has been born and we are back to normal life...with an extra set of hands.  I really feel back to normal, but am SO thankful my sister is here helping this week.

I feel like with a third child, and one of them being in preschool life just continues on when adding to the family.  As much as I would have loved a week or so at home there were doctors appointments, a newborn photo session, visitors and Clare's very important Muffins with My family to celebrate the letter M.

I knew I was not going to take Cole to the preschool in the middle of flu season, so I was planning on someone staying home with him (thinking it would be me!).  That morning I told Clare that daddy, Elle, Papa and Grammie would be going with her to Muffins with my family and I would stay home with Cole.  She was not thrilled with that idea.
So after a very interrupted sleep night I headed to Clare's preschool for a muffin :)  And as quick and fast as it was, I knew it was a big deal for Clare to have her family there, especially after most of the attention of the week has been on Cole.
Elle of course loved being in her big sisters class and would have stayed all day!
And it was a super huge treat to have Papa with us!  Clare kept telling us it was Muffins with Mrs. Lisa's (her teachers) family because Mrs. Lisa called it Muffins with my family.  Clare really anticipated seeing Mrs. Lisa's family there to celebrate. 
In the business of having a new baby at home, it was fun to spend the morning with my biggest girl celebrating the letter M!
Update on the paci:  So, I really did not want to have to type a little update on Elle, but I feel like to be real and honest and admit life is not always the way we plan I had to update that Elle is back on the paci.  After 3 weeks of giving it a try, we were super successful in getting her to sleep through the night without needing it, but after 2 weeks she had not napped and a very angry, temper driven two year old emerged.  It was not a fun or pretty sight.
So, we had decided to give her the paci only for naps.  She did very well with that, slept for naps and went down after 20-30 min. of crying, but woke up at 6:45 instead of her usual 7:30 morning time.  And again, a very angry toddler appeared.  After 3 weeks we decided this transition has just been difficult on our middle child and we needed to give her the comfort she needed to keep us all sane and get through this "survival mode" time with a newborn at home.
I'm really praying at 3 we can give it up for good, but for now...we have two paci lovers in our home, and it is a home where everyone naps and everyone sleeps and mommy is happy!


Corey T. said...

I admire your balancing as a mother of three! Please blog about that! I would love to know and interested in knowing how it is transitioning from 2 to 3 children. How do you do it? What a blessing...I just know your children will one day your "children will rise up and call you blessed..." Proverbs 31:28. You go mommy!

jacksonfamily said...

Thanks for the encouragement friend. I am still working on the balance that is for sure. I haven't been on my own yet so I know I have some hard days ahead!