Friday, February 8, 2013

Help! Help!

I knew this transition to 3 children 4 and under would be incredibly difficult for me. I was overwhelmed just thinking about it. By nature I tend to panic first, come up with a plan and then I feel under control again...I was really trying to avoid the panic stage. 
My mom was the first to arrive and she came a week before I was scheduled to be induced with Cole and she was a HUGE help!  I was incredibly spoiled by her being here.  She kept the girls monitors in her room at night, made them breakfast every morning and provided much entertainment.  My mom by nature is a servant, but she was so selfless taking the less than glorious tasks, running errands, driving to and from school, doing baths and making dinner.  I seriously don't know how we would have made it through week one without her help.
We came home from the hospital on Saturday, and by Monday evening my dad arrived.  He was much more help than he realizes playing with the girls and keeping them occupied and holding Cole while I attended to the girls.  I am so thankful he made it down to spend some time with us.  The girls adore their Papa!

Then, for the first time ever we had both sets of grandparents at our house for one night!  LD's parents came just from Friday til Monday to meet Cole and help out. The girls were in heaven having all their grandparents here!!

On Sunday night, my sweet lil sis rolled into town from Vegas.  (Are you seeing how spoiled I've been?!?).  She is in her first trimester and expecting their first child in August.  I kept telling her we would be the crazy house for sure with me post partum and her in the first trimester, but we did great :)  Vanessa also worked around the clock to help out doing dishes, driving to and from school and assisting the girls with whatever imaginative ideas they had, such as many dance parties.
I think Vanessa painted their nails once a day while she was here..she is much more patient with that stuff than I am!  I am so thankful Evan encouraged her to come, even though I know he was missing having some time with the girls and meeting Cole.  I pray I can be in Vegas to meet her little one in August.

In addition to all the family that has been here to help, I have some pretty incredible friends and neighbors and we have had meals delivered Monday, Wednesday and Friday the last two weeks and have continued meals for the next two weeks...say WHAT?!?!  I know its insane.  We are blessed. 
So, thats quite a bit of help and its about time I get in gear to handle 3 kids on my own and back to real life.  But...I get one more week before than happens.  For the first time EVER LD is taking off a week of work just to be home with us.  Thanks to PNC Bank, they offer a week of paternity and LD saved it up to use when all the family was gone. I really have no clue how I will ever learn how to manage 3 at this rate.  I know, I am SPOILED!!!



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