Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Elle's first haircut

A friend of mine asked the other day if my girls have had hair cuts.  I started thinking, Man Elle could REALLY use a haircut.  She has very short hair and its really thin, but it was getting pretty straggly.
So we made a morning of it and went tot he cutest little barber shop in town and Elle was very excited!

Clare told her all about it.  You get to sit in a car, watch tv, and have a lollipop when you are done.  I think they would go once a week if their hair grew fast enough!
And since we were already going, Clare was WAY overdue for a trim.  She actually got 1 1/2 inches off and you can barely tell!

Elle's hair has this crazy wave in it that will drive her crazy when she's older, but I love that the little ends are all even now.
And Cole was a trooper and slept the whole time!

We decided to finish off our fun day at Chick-fil-A for lunch.  This is the ONLY restaurant I would ever take all three kiddos to by myself.  And the reason is because they have mom's valet, where you go through the drive thru, order and pay...and then go in and they have your meal on a table for you.  Plus this chick fil a is across the street from our house and has an indoor play place.  I think we frequent this place once a week and the sweet ladies that walk around refill our drinks and bring us kids ice creams after the girls eat.  It is the BEST!!!!



kay said...

oh so cute!! miss those days.

Teresa Templin said...

I NEED to see your family! It's been too long! What a fun day for sure!