Sunday, March 31, 2013

Our Easter Prep & Egg Hunt

I haven't been the greatest blogger in the last few weeks and I think its just because we are settling into normal.  I am not feeling a great need to document every time I leave the house with all three children along because it is finally becoming just another daily task. 
With that said, we have been busy getting ready for Easter!!
The girls made these cute egg bouquets and I made a larger one for centerpieces on our table.  It was a super easy and fun craft.

And we colored Easter eggs.  I am learning everything is done easier on the floor than at the table.

Coloring eggs is one of those tasks, much like carving a pumpkin that daddy has no desire to participate we do them while he is at work.  He is not the craft type!

Then we had a fun day planned Saturday and went to the Stallings Easter Egg Hunt.  The rained threatened our fun, but thankfully the sun came out.

Cole was a trooper and just hung out with daddy.  I think LD is loving carrying around a boy that can support his favorite team :)

I love this sweet picture.  Every time they hold hands on their own I am reaching for my camera.  I feel like I need documentation that they love each other on days when they are not getting along so well.  They really are sweet friends.
Before the egg hunt there was a craft table, a few little games where you could win candy, and a bounce house that got a little crazy, so we decided to steer clear of that!

We also could meet the Easter bunny, which Elle did not like.  This picture doesn't have sound, so it doesn't look as bad as it actually was.  I will admit this is a slightly scary bunny, but Elle was so freaked out.  She watched to see where he was the entire time we were outside.  She was gripping my shirt so hard.  I'm slightly worried as to what will come when we go to Disney World in October.

I didn't get any pictures of the actual hunt, which is a bummer because it was a sight to see.  There were baseball diamonds taped off that had hundreds of eggs laid out. When they said go all of the kids ran and filled their buckets.  I was feeding Cole and LD went in with the girls and it was chaos of course.  Next thing you know poor Clare is standing in the middle of the ball field sobbing.  She came walking out and said she did not want any eggs. I don't think she was prepared to fight for her eggs.  But after you picked up all your (empty) eggs (yes, they were empty), you traded them in for a huge lollipop.  The girls of course were thrilled.

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