Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's Christmas...again!!

We are incredibly blessed that this is the second year my parents were able to make a trip right after Christmas to come and celebrate with us.  My girls are going to start thinking its normal to wake up multiple days in a row with presents under the tree.  My parents arrived on Monday evening and the girls opened presents from my Aunt Tina and Uncle Terry...which of course had lots of fun surprises.
Can you tell Elle is super cautious about opening presents?  She takes off each peice and makes sure you have it in your hand before moving on.  It's sweet, but I'll be ready for this stage to be over.  It takes forever!!

Clare got a beautiful new dress up outfit that had to be tried on immediately!

Then after everyone went to bed Grammie and Papa unloaded the car and it looked like Christmas all over again!!!

Clare came bounding down the stairs in the morning saying "There are so many presents...AGAIN!!!"

LD got this I love Michigan, I hate Ohio State book and its like it was written just for him!

It was fun slowly opening presents and playing as we went.

Clare got Tangled!!!  Of course her, Grammie and Papa had a movie night while LD and I had a couples massage, which was a present from LD for me!

Clare also got an under the sea Bingo game, which was played nightly during Grammie and Papa's visit.

Then...we decided to go on an adventure!  My brother had given Clare a gift card to Chuck E Cheese for her birthday in Sept.  I had been holding it waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it.  I knew I could not do that crazy place by myself with the girls, so this seemed like a great time since there were more adults than kids!

This picture really sums is up.  Notice Clare's spaced out look and Clare already plotting where she will run next as soon as she is released.

But, even with the chaos...we had fun!!

And even got to meet Chuck E Cheese himself!

We worked hard to play games and earn some tickets.  I will say we started with 55 tokens and brought home I think its safe to say my girls would rather play toys and run around than play games.  Clare got two peices of candy with her 35 tickets we worked so hard for.  But she was happy.

My parents left our house and drove to Missouri to visit my Grandma and Grandpa Vann.  My grandpa has been sick lately and we are praying for a quick recovery for him. 

We are so thankful Grammie and Papa came to spend a few days with us!! We love you both very much!

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