Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

I absolutely LOVE our home decorated for Christmas.  I think decorating for Christmas is so much fun because you normally don't spend much money to do it since you have all the things...yet you get a totally new look.  And as a stay at home mom....I get tired of looking at the same things all the time.  It's nice to change it up a little!  We spent ALL day Saturday pulling out our Christmas gear!
I am so ready to curl up with a book after all the work!

Clare loves talking about her stocking and how Santa is going to fill it.  She cannot wait!

This is a wreath I made from Pinterest.  It was my first real pinterest project!

And of course we pull out the nativity set, which Clare was extremely excited about.  She kept telling L.D. that Jesus was in the attic and she need him!

And this is my second Christmas "wreath" from Pinterest.  I really wanted a new wreath for the door and loved that this was so different.  Worlds easiest and fun project!

This is from a few days ago, but I thought it would be a good demonstration at how hard it is to get a picture of my girls......

"Ok Clare, good smile, just put your hands down"

"Elle look at mommy"

"Clare keep looking at mommy"

"Clare that is not a happy face, and Elle stay seated"

"I guess that will have to work"

We are so excited that it is FINALLY the most wonderful time of the year!!!


Porcaros said...

Your posts always make me smile Meliss! I love all the pics of the girls...sometimes the ones that aren't "perfect" turn out to be the best ones! Sending lots of love your way from us! BTW...LOVE your Pinterest projects...I have a few that I want to try too!

jacksonfamily said...

Thanks Shell :) Yes....the not great ones usually are the best with the most personality for sure :) I miss you!!!