Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The singing bears!!

Every year we have gone to see the singing bears uptown at Founders Hall.  I have learned the best way to do it with lots of practice!  It is a free event, plays every hour, parking can be validated, you walk across the skywalk so you are never outside, and there is a Chick Fil A in the building, so we can get lunch.  Seriously...what more does a mom need!  It honestly is a LOT of work for me to take my girls, but someday when I don't have a stroller it will be CAKE!
This is in the Bank of America building by an enormous tree!

My friend Jenni and her two sweet boys Cooper and Graden (who is 4 weeks!!) went with us.  Cooper and Clare were good at being buddies and sticking together.

Elle loved it!!!

And of course Clare was front and center!

Clare, Jenni and Cooper waiting for the next song

Here we are eating lunch.  Let me just say that the Bank of America building at lunch time is not kid friendly.  I TOTALLY forgot there are 3 small flights of stairs, yup...thats a problem with 2 strollers and 2 preschoolers.  There are like 800 people walking all different ways and people kept volunteering to help us with our strollers. So random people in their business clothes would offer to hold an end of the stroller and carry it down.  We didn't have much to say except thanks because we really needed their help.

On the way back up to the bears after purchasing our lunch two nice men offered to carry up Elle's stroller, which is a sit and stand, so its quite big. They lifted it so high and in the process tipped it spilling all of Jenni's lunch on the floor. There were at least 20 people helping us and the guys felt so bad offering to buy us more lunch. We were quite the spectacle, but I feel like with 4 kids 3 and under it is bound to happen. We did learn next year one of us will go purchase lunch!!

Needless to say, lunch was still super yummy!!

This was Clare's first year at the bears....

And last year :)

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Vanessa Vann said...

aWW sister!! Look how big she has gotten in just one year!! I miss you all! xoxo!