Saturday, December 24, 2011

T'was the day before Christmas!!!!

This little story of our Christmas Eve actually starts the night before on the eve of Christmas Eve.  I panicked on Friday morning when I realized our oven was not working and was showing an error.  After a visit from a repair man, it was determined we would need a new oven.  I was a little worked up thinking we would be eating cold cereal on Christmas morning and how sad that would be, when LD came to the rescue!  Friday evening we went and purchased an oven in stock, loaded it in our car and he came home and installed it!!!
Of course he had the girls help every step of the way!  Thank you LD for saving the day!

Christmas Eve we woke up to David, our elf sitting in our tree and a few presents under the tree!!  Clare was thrilled that presents were here early, but David had brought everyone pj's and a book on the story of Jesus birth. 

Then, it was time to get ready...we had a very fun and special lunch planned!

We headed to Quail Hollow Country Club to meet the Schmidly family (the family that I helped with their children for four years prior to having our own chidlren).  The Schmidly's are like family to us and a big treat was that all the grandparents were in town!  The boys had a men's lunch to attend, so all of us girls ate together.  (The poor girl that took this photo really struggled...she actually cut someone out of the left side and you can tell I had to do a lot of cropping, but at least we have the memory).

Henri, who is now nine took great care of the girls, as always!

Aren't they such a beautiful family?  We are blessed to have them in our lives and thankful that they allowed us to be a part of their Christmas Eve celebration!

After we ate lunch, all of the children headed outside to run...

And run....

and run...

And RUN!!!!!!  My girls were exhausted after this fun playtime!

We came back inside for a few family pictures....and of course some presents!

Then after a very long nap, it was time to get all dressed up again and head to the Christmas Eve service at church.

This was the best pic of the girls together I could get.  They were definetely burning out on smiling for the day.

We grabbed some take out and had a late night dinner.

And then put on our new pjs to get ready to wait for Santa to arrive......

We are all so excited for morning!!!!  Merry Christmas!!!!


kay said...

i love you and your family! have a very Blessed CHRISTmas and an awesome new year!!!

jacksonfamily said...

Thank you Kay!! We love you too :)