Wednesday, December 14, 2011

10 days til Christmas!!!

Oh, I love this time of year with kiddos!! The Christmas festivities are definetely running out days at the Jackson household and we are loving it!  The mornings are usually when Clare and I try to get in a project or two while Elle is taking her morning nap.  I know that time is going to be so short lived and I only have about 6 months left to enjoy an hour with Clare before I have both girls to manage during craft we are savoring it!

This morning we decided to decorate our gingerbread house.  I learned last year to assemble it the night before so it was all ready to decorate!

Here is the finished product....beautiful!!!

Next, we were headed to meet friends at the Billy Graham Library.  For those not in Charlotte it is an awesome place!  It is free and there is a guided tour that of course we skipped with 4 kids 3 and under!  You can also walk through Billy Graham's home and at Christmas they decorate the grounds.  They have a live nativity at night and carolers and sleigh rides.  But I had read online that from 12-2 you could pet the animals, so that is why we were headed there!
When you first walk in there is a talking cow...which looks quite real that tells a little story.

Elle was free to roam and that was such a huge highlight for her.  I cannot believe how big she is!

Clare is standing in front of where the nativity is at night, but you can see the animals roaming in the back and also Billy Graham's house.

We packed a picnic lunch and on Dec. 14th I am happy to say it was about 65 degrees...perfect!

Clare finally got brave enough to pet a few animals!

Elle wanted to so badly, but never quite worked up the courage!

Such a fun day with my sweet girls!

Here are a few other decorations adorning our home :)

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