Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Spreading Christmas cheer!

Growing up my dad was the king of spreading Christmas cheer!  He loved buying Christmas presents for people and EVERYONE got something!  As a landlord he purchased gifts for all of his tennants, passed out gifts to every service worker he possibly could, and loved to surprise people.  It was always a great reminder to me that Christmas is a great time to love of people who serve us...and who better than our trash collectors!!  I'm sure they don't get much love over the holidays, yet they work the week before and the week after, in any type of weather....they always haul away all of our trash.

So Clare and I wrote and decorated cards and taped them to candy filled candy canes.

They we got ready to leave them as a surprise for the collectors.

Elle was all about the morning adventure!

We found the perfect place to leave them!  We were getting in the car when the recycling truck came and Clare RAN to the road to yell to the men "Merry Christmas, don't forget your candy canes!"  They were very thankful and it was a fun lesson to teach Clare to be thankful for those who serve us!


Porcaros said...

I love the girls in their PJs going to leave some Christmas cheer! You are such a wonderful mom and role model to those sweet, sweet girls and I am thankful to have you as a girlfriend and mom role model! Love you Meliss!

Jessica said...

This is the sweetest thing ever! I love that Clare ran to tell them about their Christmas surprises! And Elle in her pj's...adorable!

jacksonfamily said...

Thanks girls...you just wait til your sweet babies are bigger. You get creative with activities to change up the day :) Love you both!!!