Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Storytime

The girls and I planned to head uptown to ImaginOn the Children's library today, which is one of our very favorite places ever.  It's a huge treat when we go!  It is a very rainy day in Charlotte today, so it was a perfect plan.  I was praying the whole way up there that the parking lot below the library would not be full...and it wasn' we didn't have to head outside in the rain at all!!!

As you can see...Clare thinks storytime is just for her.  She has no problem with choosing a front row seat so no one is a distraction to the story!

It was especially fun today because all the stories and songs were about Christmas!

Then afterwards we played and Elle found a perfect little reading spot.

And of course we read lots of books!

Which is a challenge with Elle...even if in this picture she looks like she is just quietly reading.  I promise this vision lasts 2.5 seconds before she is off and running.

Clare was a perfect big sister helping Elle stay close by.

We packed out lunches and ate them upstairs.  Halfway through lunch we heard beautiful music...and there was a little harp concert put on by children.  We had the perfect seat!

Clare informed me she would like a harp so she can have her own concert.  This comes as no surprise to me at all!

Such a fun day and my girls are worn out and sleeping peacefully while the day is gloomy and dark!


Rebecca said...

wow, that place looks like a lot of fun! and your girls are super cute!

Evan said...

Wish I were there this year! Last year was a blast!! Merry Christmas sweet sister! xo!

The Mrs said...
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jacksonfamily said...

Thanks Rebecca...yes, ImaginOn is an awesome place!!! We miss you too V...hopefully next yeaE?!?!