Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First trip to the Dentist

Today was a big day for Clare...her first trip to the dentist!!!  I am one for always over informing my girls about what is going to happen, what we are doing that day, etc so everyone is may not have been the best route for this one.  Clare has been worked up about how things will work at the dentist office for a few days and it usually ended in some tears.  We tried to just stop talking about it, but the damage was already done and she did not want to go!!!

Before heading out the door I offered her 1 million (NO LIE) incentives: ice cream, play time at McDonalds, a cupcake, a movie....anything I could think of!  She was not into it at all, she just did not want to go.

I was feeling a little caught off guard by this response from my very "up for anything" 3 year old and was wishing I had planned better and gotten a sitter for Elle so I could focus on Clare.  But, it was too late, so off we went...with me a little nervous.
But to my great surprise as soon as we got out of the car, Clare changed her tune and was a little curious about what was in store!

It was a great pediatric dentist recommended by a friend, so there were lots of toys in the waiting room, which really broke the ice!

And then we met Tara (SIGH).  She seriously made our day wonderful.  She was so incredibly cute, sweet and patient with Clare.  I could not say enough great things about her!

Clare was not wanting to lay down, even though they had tvs with cartoons on the ceiling, so Tara had no problem cleaning her teeth with her sitting up (did I say she was great!??)

Her is Clare and her new friend Tara!!
The great news was that Clare has no cavities!!  YAY!!  The not so great news is that we have to help her break her bedtime thumb sucking habit, which I am fearfully dreading.  The dentist told us she has a slight over bite and its starting to affect her pallet, so he recommended painting her nails with some bitter tasting stuff called Mavala.  We ordered it today so very soon we will start the process.  (I AM SCARED!!!)  He said if she is crying and we get no sleep for 3-5 nights we are doing it right and are on our way to breaking the habit...sounds fun huh???

But...back to celebrating Clare and her success today!!  Before leaving home, in my attempt to ease her fears I showed her a blog of her friend Sophie from ballet class and her trip to the dentist.  After Sophie's trip, her mom took her to SAS cupcake, so Clare gave up her very favorite treat (ice cream) and opted for a cupcake, just like Sophie! Looks pretty good huh?

I am happy to have that first behind us!  So proud of Clare for being such a big girl today!

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