Friday, January 20, 2012

My sometimes sweet, sometimes sassy 15 month old

I honestly have no idea how to begin this blog or how to sum up my 15 month old and all that emcompasses who she is.  In this last 3 months since Elle turned 1, a force has emerged that our entire household was not quite ready for!  Elle is incredibly sweet...when she wants to be, but I mean INCREDIBLY sweet.  She has an opinion about everything and is extremely stubborn.  There truly is no comparison between her and her big sister.  One of my concerns when Elle was a baby was that she would be a shadow because Clare has such a big personality...nope, that will never be a concern again.  These two little girls are very different, but Elle has made her place known in our family!

I took a few pictures this morning of Elle and caught her never ending energy in the fact that all of these pictures were taken in 10 minutes or less!  To give a little recap of Elle at 15 months, she is sleeping 12 hours at night like a champ, a short morning nap, and a 2 hour afternoon nap.  She is a decent eater, but when she doesn't feel like eating what you offer, she makes it known.  She has had tummy issues with milk, so we are sticking with almond milk, but she has a little dairy in her diet without a problem.  She is slowly starting to talk and says, bye bye, mommy, dada, bella, clare, and gone.  Gone is our favorite.  If any of us finish anything she shrugs her shoulders and flatly says "gone."  I dont know where it came from, but its cute!  We've been working desperately on please instead of the grunt we currently get, but so luck!

Clare and Elle have already begun their constant loving, constant fighting relationship.  You would think Clare steals toys from Elle, but nope, its 95% the other way around.  If Clare is playing with anything that Elle desires she runs full speed at her squealing, which startles Clare who then joins in squealing while Elle falls on top of Clare.  There is a LOT of squealing in our house!

We have started the whole discipline thing with Elle.  I realized it was over due when on a nightly basis Elle would try to eat dog food and we would say no.  Poor LD said, so I'm guessing this is all we've done to fix this?  It was a subtle hint it was time to begin discipline!

I think compared to Clare, Elle is going to give me a run for my money, but I wouldn't have it any other way!!  She has so much spunk and is hilarious!  She mimicks everything Clare does, so she is always carrying a baby, playing tea party...and my personal favorite, singing into a pretend microphone while watching herself in the oven!

Oh sweet girl, I love you so very much!  I just wish you would slow down so we could all breathe!