Saturday, February 1, 2014


In the south we will take any chance we get to make it a snow day, because who knows, it may be the only chance we have.
We took our inch of snow and we were ready for a day of fun.  Clare was off of school, LD took the morning off of work, and I promise - these girls were SO excited!
Don't they look like a motley crew?  Elle's snow pants were cracking me up.  They are a size too small, but they had never been worn because....well, we didn't have a chance last year!  So, they were really little and we ended up just taking them off.
We made snow angels too!
Cole has a little runny nose so he saw the snow for a few minutes, but he was not in the mood to play for long.  But I'm with him - I would much rather watch from inside.
The best part of the entire day was when Kiser, next door woke up and came over to play with the girls.  All of these pictures were taken from INSIDE my house.  Our eating area looks over the big hill next to our house so I could just sit and watch them outside the window.
Our awesome neighbor had picked up sleds for the girls and for her boys, and they did this for over an hour and a half!
Then, Elle just started sobbing.  When she came to the door I asked her what was wrong and she could barely talk.  She said "My fingers and my toes!" Poor baby was numb!!
So what better way to end a snow day than snuggled on the couch?!

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