Saturday, February 1, 2014


I cannot believe it, but our girls have never been bowling.  Nine years ago, LD and I were in a bowling league (yeah, yeah, I know) with our church in Michigan.  We have our own bowling balls and shoes and I promise you my cute little ball and shoes have not seen light in 9 years.  I totally forgot we had them until yesterday.
But, LD and I thought it would be fun to take the girls bowling.
The girls were so excited.  Clare was slightly bummed she had to use a greenish yellow ball, but quickly recovered from the bowling alleys ball color choices.
Clare does not have much upper body strength.  We already knew this, but we were reminded when she threw with everything she had and the ball came to a complete stop halfway down the alley. 
The funniest part is she would grab her ball and almost run to the line and drop her ball.  She saw everyone else doing it quickly and she wanted to do it the same way.  Only she doesn't have quite enough "oomph!"
Elle, on the other hand, has lots of upper body strength.  But, we were not certain she would throw in the right direction.  LD must have pointed his finger 100 times making sure she understood you only throw it THAT way!
I love this picture...they were patiently waiting behind the line for their turn, but they were anxious, that's for sure.
Thankfully we opted for 1 game instead of 2 hours of play time.  These girls barely survived the game.  It was fun - for about 6 frames and then they were ready to move onto something else.
It's tough with a little one Cole's age because its hard to do family things where there isn't a safe place for him to walk around and explore.  Our girls needed some mommy and daddy time where we were focused on them.
And they enjoyed every minute of it!!
And look at that handsome man.  You didn't know I married him for his bowling form did you? ;)

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