Thursday, December 20, 2012

Spreading a little holiday cheer

We live in THE best neighborhood.  Yeah, yeah, I'm sure everyone thinks that, but I seriously have hands down, THE best neighbors and I would enter them into a best neighbor contest if I knew of one.  I could go on and on all day about how great they are.  I am so thankful God placed us in this home just so our family could experience what a neighborhood is supposed to be like!

Anyway, Christmas seemed the perfect time to let our neighbors know how much we love them.

We loaded the wagon up with more cookie jars like I had made for LD's work party and we were off.
The girls were really into dropping off the jars and it was a perfect afternoon for it.
Though I was incredibly nervous about them sad we all would have been (especially ME!)

They took turns knocking on the doors and waiting for people to answer, but sadly, only a few friends were home.

This is our sweet neighbor Beth who we LOVE!!!  Beth has adopted our girls as grandchildren and she watches them a few days a week while I have church work to do.  The girls LOVE spending time at Beth's house with her and her husband Billy.  We are incredibly spoiled by Beth and her love for our girls.

Our last stop was a special surprise for the girls!

Our sweet neighbor Melanie had some presents for the girls, so we went in and opened up lots of fun things.  Melanie has 3 teenage boys, so she loves buying girl things and we love that she is so sweet!

The girls got all sorts of princess loot!!!  Such a fun kick off to Christmas break!


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