Friday, December 21, 2012

Annual trip to the singing bears

We love going every year to see the singing bears uptown.  And I think it is so fun because it is FREE, parking is FREE, and we can eat Chick fil a for lunch.  I mean who doens't love those things?
We were planning on going with our sweet friends the Briggs, and then daddy surprised us with a day off, so the dads came along too!!!
Ever since preschool started Clare and Cooper haven't gotten much time to play together and I think they were both equally excited to see each other.

And their shirts were made by our sweet friend Kimmy who moved to California.  I LOVE them!!!

We also ran into Clare's friend Sophie from ballet class (in red), which was another big treat for Clare!

And after a little dancing and singing of favorite Christmas carols we had some yummy Chick fil a!

Which is my girls FAVORITE.  Speaking of Chick fil a...have you tried their peppermint chocolate chip shake????  It is so incredibly yummy.  It has been my pregnancy weakness.  I have truthfully only had one, but since I could walk to Chick fil a from my house I have to be extra careful.  I could drink one every day!

I can't believe how big our children are getting and this picture of the four of them is So sweet!!
Tim and LD went to elementary-high school together in Reading and we are blessed to have them still living so close to us in Charlotte.
What a fun day! 
After all these adventures the rest of the weekend we are staying HOME!  No shopping or running around for this bunch.  We are watching Christmas movies and staying in our pj's and so excited about it!

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