Monday, December 10, 2012

Ready or not - 6 weeks to go!!!!

This Wednesday will mark the 6 week countdown until our sweet little boy arrives.  I say that with certainty because ou doctor will induce on my due date since I am known to have big ole babies :) 

The last few weeks I have been telling myself I cannot do anything baby related until January 1st.  The nursery is painted and we have all the essentials (crib, car seat, bassinet, etc, etc), but everything is a HUGE mess.  The closet cannot be opened without risk that you may be harmed in the process.  I just keep piling up clothes I pick up or am given and anything blue that enteres our home.

But the fact is, our sweet little boy is coming and we cannot wait for his arrival!!!  I am so excited to be the mommy of a BOY!!!  I have been told by so many friends that everyone emphasizes the father/son relationship, but that a mother/son relationship is so extremely priceless. I am so blessed both LD and I will have the honor of experiencing both!

Tomorrow I head back to the doctors so see how many more pounds I have piled on now that we are in full swing Christmas season, and also hear our sweet little boys heartbeat. 

Oh, sweet boy I cannot wait til you are here, but please let us get through this holiday season ;)


Rebecca said...

oh how exciting!! Jethro is only 7 months old, but I am so enjoying having a boy. He is so sweet. I think he is so different than my girls already.

Corey T. said...

yes! boys rock your world :)