Thursday, December 20, 2012

Breakfast with Santa

Today was the Next Level Church staff Christmas Party.  And since our staff has grown both from more babies and more families they had it at Maggiano's so the kids could join us!
But before we left I decided to get a picture of some of our December morning routine!
In addition to looking for David our elf every morning, and having a peice of chocolate from our advent calendars....Clare made this chain at school to count down the days til Santa arrives and its getting shorter!  Since she's having a hard time reaching it, I set her on the counter and you can tell she was very scared she was going to fall since I let her go to take a picture.
We also found a cute pin on pinterest where we add a cotton ball to Santa's beard every morning and it will be full come Christmas day!
It is a LOT to keep up with every morning, but Clare makes sure we don't miss anything!
We were so excited LD was able to join us in the fun this morning at breakfast with Santa!
The girls had a super yummy was seriously DELICIOUS!
And it was fun having a breakfast with all of our friends from church.
Then we were off to see Santa.  At first Elle was not so sure....
But as soon as she saw her sisters excitement, she was ready!!
The Jacksons with Santa!
Sweet girls were telling Santa all the fun things they want for Christmas!  I know Santa had no idea what Elle requested, but he sure did a good job acting like it!
It was a great morning to start off our first day of Christmas break (I love that now that Clare is in school I feel like we have "vacation")
Tomorrow we are off to the singing bears the fun continues!

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