Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

We seriously had THE best Halloween!!  We celebrated all day long, which made for some sleepy kiddos last night.
I was asked to help at Clare's Fall Party at school and of course jumped at the opportunity.  Once this sweet boy arrives I know I won't be able to do as many fun things like this for a while.

A friend watched Elle, so I got to hang out with Clare for the day, and since they had a lot of parents I got to be a floater, so I was able to go to Clare's stations with her.

They had all the 3 year olds in one big room with 6 different stations for either making a craft or doing an activity.  Clare looked through dirt to find spider rings and got her hand painted (she is not a fan of face paint!)

Then we ate a pizza lunch together with her friends!

After naps Elle was ready for a party!!  The girls and I ate spider cookies and watched Barney's Halloween Party before our friends arrived.

Then the real party began!!!  Clare had her sweet friends Jayden and Lelia over for dinner and trick or treating and they got to eat in the play room.

Elle's little friend Mae also joined us and after a yummy dinner of chili, corn bread and apples...we were ready!

I found these random pink fuzzy coats in the girls closets and since it has been so chilly, it was the perfect princess coat :)

Mark stayed at home to be in charge of the candy while we were on our adventure.

The little girls started in the wagon, but quickly opted to run and keep up with the big kids...and be carried between houses.

Everyone did SO great.  Our houses are pretty far apart and the big kids were running the whole time.  We did about 3 cul de sac's before the little girls were ready to head home.  My favorite part of the night was when Clare asked if we needed to talk to all of her neighbors and ask their names.  I told her that would be polite if she wanted.  Not too long after I heard her say "trick or treat, um, whats your name?"  I think Halloween will always be a favorite holiday of Clare's because she gets to talk to all the neighbors. 

Rene cuddled up with the little girls who were wore out and enjoyed a lollipop while the big kids carried on!!

Elle was really proud of her stash...she did pretty good!

Clare and LD just kept on going and hit every house in our neighborhood which is about 75!!  I was impressed.  And now we have WAY more candy than necessary.  I'm hoping I can quickly learn self control!
Hope your Halloween was wonderful!!

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Teresa Templin said...

Glad your Halloween was so awesome! I am MEGA impressed that you've already blogged about it! I need some of your motivation!