Friday, November 16, 2012

Clare's first school concert

This post is dedicated to family and those sweet friends who are dedicated to our girls.  HA! 

I have been REALLY excited about Clare's little concert at preschool.  I have just felt like it was her first school function to show off all she has been doing.  And she has been singing these songs to us for weeks so I was looking forward to hearing her perform. 

She did great!!!  And she loved it.  She is not a shy girl and I have a feeling stage will be a familiar place to her throughout life.  I know that sounds so ridiculous to say about a child so young, but that girl puts on shows daily during her rest time.  Her new favorite thing to do is sing into a microphone in the bathroom mirror while standing on a stool.  I mean this girl loves to perform!!

So...enjoy the show ;)

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