Monday, October 29, 2012

A little pre Halloween fun!

I LOVE fall!!  And I think I it may be my favorite time of year in our new home.  We are surrounded by trees and its just so pretty this time of year!  And collecting pumpkins for our porch has been fun!
We decided on Sunday evening to go to Siler Presbyterian, which is just down the street from our house to their Trunk or treat.  I am all about the girls wearing their costumes as much as possible!

So after getting all ready to go


And Belle were ready to collect some candy!!

We met friends there and it worked so great!  Clare had Lelia and Jayden to trunk or treat with,

And Elle had Maddy!  Aren't they so stinkin cute????

They did a great job collecting candy.  Elle was kind of the ring leader because Maddy wasn't so sure and Clare kept saying Elle could just go first.  And of course Elle did not care what anyone else was doing...if candy was involved she was happy to lead the way!

This will definetely be a super fun year to trick or treat with these girls.

And this little church went all out!!  They had bounce houses,

And slides!!!!  We had so much fun and I think Siler may be a stop for us every year on Halloween weekend!

Since we had such a fun and busy weekend, we did not have time to carve a pumpkin.  LD is not the biggest fan of pumpkin carving so he was more than happy to leave this project to mommy.

At first the girls were really timid of getting messy in the pumpkin guts, so we started with spoons.  Just wait - in two years when our little boy has arrived I have no doubt he will show these girls how its done!

But after a little coaxing....

They were ready to get messy!!!

And this was our little pumpkin we ended up with.  Notice the girls in their princess dresses.  Yes, while I was slaving away carving they got super bored and decided the play room looked much more fun!!!
Have a great Halloween!!

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