Thursday, October 27, 2011

Elle's big celebration!!

I'm sure by now anyone who has read our blog has realized we celebrate birthdays by the week instead of the day!  If family is coming down...there is definetely going to be a celebration.  And we were so excited that Grandma and Grandpa Jackson came to be a part of Elle's first birthday celebration!!

And of course she had super fun pajamas for the girls as well!!

After celebrating with Grandma and Grandpa, there was a big party planned with Elle's many friends!

I saw this sweet idea on Pinterest and LOVED it!!

Our whole family was ready for FUN!!!

And Elle looked cute as a button in her little shirt made by our friend Teresa!!

There were 4 babies under 1 and 3 children under 3.  It was crazy!!  And so much fun!

It was so fun tearing through presents!

And Elle loved her cake!!

I mean REALLY loved her cake!!

And then decided to give her cake a hug :)

Dear Sweet Elle - It has been such a joy to be your mommy during this last year.  We started your life off a little rough with all sorts of medical glitches and sicknesses...but you pulled through like a trooper.  I loved seeing your first smile, your first laugh, your first kisses and your first steps.  You are a little firecracker as a friend mentioned the other day and that is a perfect word for you.  You have no fear and are CONSTANTLY on the go.  You love to give your sister a run for her money already and are so determined to keep up with her.  You have an infectious smile and love getting attention from everyone we come in contact with from the grocery store to a restaurant.  You LOVE playing with other children and are Miss Independent, not often needing your mommy or daddy around.  I am so excited to watch yours and Clare's relationship continue to grow...though I have no doubt we will have our battles in the future with the two of you.  I cannot wait to teach you how much Jesus loves you and see the plan he has for your little life unfold. Thank you for being such a sweet little girl and adding pure JOY and laughter to our home.  I love you sweet girl!!  Happy First Birthday!!

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Happily Deranged said...

Hahaha, I love that she gave her cake a hug. Too cute! Happy Birthday Elle! xoxo Kendall