Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pink tutu's everywhere!!

Two weeks ago Clare had her very first ballet recital.  I have to admit I was not expecting much.  I tried to prepare her for all the people that would be watching her as she showed us everything she learned.  I also kept encouraging her not to cry or daddy may not let us do this again..haha.  No pressure right??  I didn't care if she danced, I just didn't want a melt down ;)  The fun part was that some family was in town for a women's conference that my sister, Vanessa was doing....

Grammie was here for the big performance...

And so were Aunt Cissy and Kristen!!

Here is Clare's little class with her teacher Miss Nicolette before they started.

Truth be told I am incredibly proud of this picture.  I promise you Clare is doing exactly what the teacher is doing....and no one else is..haha.  Clare definetely had her days in class that she was not into it, but when it counted she was ready to perform!!

And she danced her little heart out!

Even Elle enjoyed the show.

This is Clare and her sweet friend Sophie that she met in class.  They were best buds on Fridays!

And then sweet Ayden walked in looking so handsome and brought flowers for Clare! 

It was seriously one of THE cutest things I have ever seen!!!

I mean seriously, how can you not melt when you see this????

They are one cute pair that is for sure :)  Sweet sweet friends!!!

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