Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Myrtle Beach in the fall!

We were offered an incredible blessing last week!  Our church staff was invited to Myrtle Beach for some R&R and even our families were invited to attend!  We have never been to the beach in the fall and I had a hard time packing or knowing what to expect....but it was perfect!!!

This was our beautiful view from our room.  The girls loved standing on the balcony and watching the ocean!!

Elle found lots to play with and "help out" in our hotel room!

A big highlight for Clare was sleeping in this huge bed!

The mornings and evenings were so beautiful!  I am just in awe of the beauty God allows me to experience!

The best part was that it was 80 degrees while we were there and we actually got to swim in the pools...they were a little warmer than the ocean.  I couldn't believe mid October we were in our bathing suits on the beach!! 

You can't tell from this picture (which I totally love!) but Elle really loved the ocean.  Clare was incredibly apprehensive.  Clare really liked finding seashells, but she wanted nothing to do with the waves.  Elle on the other hand crawled straight for them!

It was so fun playing on the beach with very few people around.

And I could get so used to doing this every afternoon!  It was such a great time to spend with family.  But I have to admit....there is no such thing as VACATION with kids!!  We were all sleepy by time we got home!

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