Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Festivities!

We love Halloween being close to the weekend.  It gives us an entire 3 days to celebrate!  On Saturday our friend Henri came over to play for the evening so it was a great time to carve pumpkins. 

For whatever reason it has become a "tradition" that mommy cleans out the pumpkins and then daddy does the carving.  Clare is still very unsure of the pumpkin goo...so Henri and I worked on it by ourselves....with Elle constantly attempting to eat seeds of course!

Then we gave poor LD and difficult task....carving Cinderella!

I was incredibly impressed by his carving skills.  Clare said "Hm...I think something is missing."  I think she had a hard time seeing her face.  We should have taken a picture right away, but we forgot and put it outside. So this picture was night two and it was already a little warped.

Then Sunday we headed to church and Elle wore this incredibly cute and sweet dress.  I have a confession to make...I am a good will shopper.  And I will make a bold statement that I think we have THE best Good Will at the end of our street,  a mile from our house.  This sweet little dress came from Good Will for a total of $3.79!!

Then Monday we got to dress up and go trick-or-treating!!  And my girls looked so cute in their sweet Michigan cheerleading outfits!

We headed to our great friends, the Aquaros house, which was so fun to have older kids to trick-or-treat with!

I must admit, while we were out one family said "Look they dressed up like Yankees" :)  It was fun and LD was thrilled with our "costumes".

Clare was hilarious and really got into it.  The first 3 houses she was hesitant and then she was all for it.  She would knock and yell "trick or treatin" every time.  Then she would say "ok, lets go to the next asile"  Any spooky houses she opted out for and asked the big kids to get her some candy. 

Elle loved riding along and stayed cozy in her stroller! 
It was a very fun evening with her two little cheerleaders!!

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