Saturday, November 12, 2011

Change is inevitable....

But that does not mean it is always easy. I always say that change is so much easier for the person doing the changing than the people who are affected by the change. For me change is really exciting...when I am the one whose life is being taken on the adventure. I don't always love change when its forced upon me because of someone else's adventure! 
Today two sweet families that we love very much are moving!! How are they moving on the same day?!? The first family, the Harrisons are made up of mom, Mamie, dad, Pete, their 4 beautiful girls and 1 little boy. The children range in age from college to kindergarten and they live in our cul-de-sac with us. Over the time they have lived in our little community Mamie's older daughters have both baby sat for our girls and were some of their very first babysitters! Mamie and I served on the women's conference, RefresHer team and grew to be very close. And her younger 3 children and Clare have a very sweet bond. I've posted before about Clare's cul-de-sac friends...and they are sweet. They are older than her, but treat her so kindly and always invite her into their imaginative games.

The Harrisons are not moving far, only about 10 minutes from our house. I'm sure we will stay in touch, but it will change our relationship so much as Mamie and I have gotten used to kid swapping, picking up needed ingredients at each others house for dinner or just helping each other out.

Clare is REALLY going to miss "her friends!" Whenever we get home from an errand she asks if she can see if "her friends" are home and knocks on their back door hoping and hoping someone will answer. If they do, Clare usually waves to me and runs inside to join the family with 5 children! I usually will pick her up an hour or so later and she will be fully dressed up in dress up clothes sitting at the kitchen table coloring while the kids do homework. Since the weather has been nice, almost every afternoon Mamie and I sit outside while all the kiddos play in the cul-de-sac making imaginary houses with chalk and riding bikes. 

This is Audrey, the second to oldest...Clare's first babysitter!  Clare was only about 14 months

This is one of my favorite pictures of the summer.  The middle little girl in blue is Rebecca, the middle of the younger children.

One of their favorite summer  Emily, the older of the younger siblings is in blue and was giving me a detailed account of all they had made.

We had the Harrison family over for a pizza and movie night. David, their son is in orange.

No one could agree on a movie, so the boys watched The Incredibles while the girls watched Cinderella.  But as you can tell the girls really couldn't pick....

The newest cul-de-sac fad is chalk houses.  This is Emily and Clare's bedroom...they were sleeping..comfy huh?

Emily and Clare are best buds right now!

I'm telling you they are super creative.  This is the restaurant.  All of their cul de sac towns are complete with a Bi-Lo, church, school and mall.  Where else do kids go???

This is the cul-de-sac crew!!

No, no, we are not losing them forever...and yes, I know this probably seems so trivial. But I promise this is going to change especially mine and Clare's daily life! Thank you sweet Harrisons for being friends and neighbors we can count on! We love you all :)

The second family deserve their own post....more about them later~

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Rebecca said...

that's the kind of neighbors i want! and i just love their chalk houses...that is so stinkin' creative!