Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's a girl!!!!!!

LD and I are so excited to be adding another sweet little girl to our family. From the beginning I have been very confident it was a girl, which last time around it was LD who was so confident. There are so many reasons (mostly selfish) that we wanted another girl this time around.

One, we don't have anything to do to prepare. The only thing we will be needing is a double stroller. Clare is changing rooms this summer, so the nursery will stay the exact same! And we have TONS of clothes and toys for girls!!

Two, I have 2 amazing sisters and love how close I am to them. I am so excited for Clare to have a sister. yes, I know there will be lots of arguing and drams because that comes with girl territory, but I'm excited about them becoming friends as adults!

Three, this means we can have more children!!! LD has always said he wants 3, but I know it would have been tempting to call it quits if we had a boy and a girl. LD does say he is a little worried that when the time comes we will have 3 girls!

Clare and I have been practicing saying "baby sister" all morning, even though she has not a clue how her life will change in 4 1/2 short months! Yay for sisters!!!!

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