Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Surprise Visitor!!!!

I love surprises and LD does a great job of surprising me often. But I have to say a great surprise came my way last Thursday evening and I had a horrible response even though I was incredibly excited. Clare and I had a very normal day, finished dinner and were just hanging out playing. LD came home from work and I expected to see him a total of 10 min. before he rushed out the door for his softball game. There was a knock on the door and I went to answer it and my younger sister Vanessa was standing on my doorstep!!!!! I was shocked. No, I didn't scream, I didn't cry....I simply said "what are you doing here?" and then said "Did I know you were coming?" (Pregnancy brain can be rough!). Needless to say she was not impressed with my response after flying all day from Vegas to spend 3 1/2 days with us in Charlotte!!

It was such a fun treat. After not seeing her for 5 full months, it was a much needed visit of both sister and auntie time! We spent Friday at the pool, had dinners out, rented movies, shopped, saw "Letters to Juliet" and just had time to catch up!! Vanessa was so excited when Clare saw her and she said "Hi V!" without any prompting. The rest of the weekend was spent with Clare at the bottom of the stairs yelling "V!!!!" whenever Auntie V was not in sight.

It's incredibly sad that we will not see her again til we are all in Michigan for Thanksgiving but I am so thankful for her dedication to me and my family to spend time with us.

We love you Auntie V and are so proud of all that you are!!!

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