Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pool time!!!

We are so excited to be spending ridiculous amounts of time at the pool this year. We joined the Y and the pool there is extremely fun with lots to do. We also have been doing a lot of swimming with friends! Clare is a little fish. She has no fear of water whatsoever and though that is a blessing I am always on my toes watching her!! She loves to go down the slides at the Y, and she sits on the bottom when it is shallow enough, even if the water comes up to her chin! On Friday we were at a friends pool and it was a gradual decline and Clare walked right under water numerous times. I tried to let her experience it, hoping it would help her understand the consequences, but she would just come up coughing, laughing, and saying "again!" So, as we are headed to the beach next weekend some sort of floaties or flotation device is in the works!! Here are some fun pool pictures!

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