Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Fathers Day Daddy!

Clare singing Happy and you know it and "your face will surely show it"

LD's dads day gift

Clare and daddy

Pic from Charlotte Observer

I am so incredibly thankful for my husband for so many reasons. But above all he does and provides he is an amazing father to our sweet little girl. It is so fun to watch the two of them interact and share little moments together. We had a great celebration of Fathers Day all weekend long!!

On Friday I surprised LD with some Michigan cornhole boards. He was really excited and had been talking about wanting some for a while. I had someone in Charlotte make them and Clare and I picked them up Friday morning. After dinner LD and I played a few games and Clare would sit on the boards and sing songs or look through the little hole. The only incident we had was when I went to swing my arm, hit her in the back, causing her to fall forward and land on the board....right on her eye. It was awful. She got up screaming, looked at me and yelled "DADDY!!!!" It was an awful mommy moment. I quickly recovered as her number 1 mom when LD held ice on her face and I offered her some ice cream (I know the way to her heart!). She went to bed with a purple eye and I thought it would be huge in the morning, but by the grace of God she woke up with a small little mark and thats all!!

Saturday we swam, went to mall and had dinner together. Sunday was a huge day at our church celebrating fathers called "Ultimate Man Day." It was a really exciting day! We went out to dinner Sunday night and called it the end of the celebration weekend. Monday morning we woke up to realize LD and Clare's picture was on the front page of the Charlotte Observer! It was a picture taken Sunday at church!! It is such a sweet memory of the two of them celebrating Fathers Day together! I've included the pic that was in the paper!

Happy Fathers Day love! Thanks for being the best daddy around!!!

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