Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I have no desire to be a complete and utter sap about how big my little baby has gotten and all the other cliques about the first day of school....but seriously....there is just no fighting it!!  Clare will be four at the end of this month, but due to her late birthday she is in a 3 year old class...which I love.  That said, she was BEYOND ready for this day to arrive. 
As you can tell she was all smiles as soon as she opened her eyes this morning!  It helps a ton that she is going to preschool at our church and knows a lot of the staff.  I mean, she talked non-stop about what she was going to do on her first day!

If I wasn't working so hard to get us all out the door by 8:30, I may have been a little more teary eyed, but it is a lot of work and there was no time to spare!  My mom had bought Elle a sweet little backpack and she was so excited to wear her new backpack to school too.

Clare kept telling Elle to get out of her pictures because she was not going to school...you know, sweet sister stuff!  Clare will go 9 - 1 Tuesday-Thursday.  That is TWELVE hours a week.  That is a lot of time away from her mama!!

She looked so sweet in her larger than life backpack :)

Jayden and Lelia are old pros at preschool and in the four year old class.  But it was so fun to see sweet friends heading into school too!

And that was it.  A quick good bye hug and kiss and away she went!  She had a wonderful first day, and talked the whole way home about how after one more night, she needed to do it again.

And then me and this little peanut got in the car and I thought...ONE?!? I only have one baby!!  Elle rode around in Clare's car seat instead of her own and read Clare's books in the car.  She knows exactly how this thing works. I have 5 months to spoil this sweet soon to be middle child before she is no longer my only child on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings.
As if today was not exciting enough, tomorrow we find out if a boy or girl is joining the Jackson clan.  I mean how much can this mama take in two days?!?


Vanessa said...

I loved every bit of this Meliss. I can't just imagine Clare had LOADS of stories to tell about her time away from home! And i know Elle will know exactly what to do with all of your attention on her :) You are an incredibly Momma! Can't wait for another sweet baby to come along!

kay said...

love love love!!! i knew she would be easy going in. she is going to do so well. i can't wait to go visit her at school.

and is there a cuter girlie than elle??? gah!!! i just adore her!!!!

jacksonfamily said...

Thanks to both of you V and Kay!! They are pretty great girls ;)