Thursday, September 6, 2012

What are little boys made of?

Yesterday was a big day in our household!!  I hit the halfway point in my pregnancy, my mom had a special birthday and...we found out the gender of our third sweet child!!! 

I have been very anxious about this appointment for one big reason: I was really struggling to feel much movement from this baby.  At 15 and 17 weeks I felt the girls move and all of my preggo friends were feeling their babies, and I didn't have much, if anything, to work with!  At night I would drink a big glass of cranberry juice and just wait...nothing!  Of course I had worked myself into a little bit of an anxious mess and was just ready to see our sweet child!

LD had also convinced himself 100% that it was a girl and I knew 100% that it was a boy!  LD guessed the first two pregnancies right and was very confident, and I was the one who wouldn't commit to my "gut."  This time, I just knew it was a little boy!

Within seconds of the nurse pulling up his little picture she knew it was a boy :)  And we got some great profile pics and pics of him sucking his thumb.  But above all...HE IS HEALTHY!!

I have a frontal placenta, just meaning the placenta is between my belly and my sweet son, so there is extra padding causing me not to feel much.  The nurse assured me I will feel more as he grows.

Yesterday was an extremely happy day.  The girls are thrilled about having a brother and I am so excited to begin cleaning out all my girl clothes and passing them along to friends, so I will be able to fill a closet with blue!

My heart is so incredibly full and I am in awe of another sweet miracle God provided to our family!


Corey Travaglini said...

awww Melissa! Praise the Lord! It's a boy!!!!!!!!!! so excited for you guys! Boys are the sweetest!! God is so good. I will continue to check back for more updates!

Rebecca said...

congrats!! i am loving having a baby boy this time. :)

jacksonfamily said...

Thank you to you both!!!