Friday, August 31, 2012

A great end to summer!

This past weekend I got to travel...ALONE!!  It's been a year and a half since I have left all my babies home and though its always hard to be gone, the short time away is such a treat!!
Last weekend I visited one of my oldest and dearest friends, Jessie and her family.  Jessie and John live in Maryland with their sweet daughter Ava.  Jessie's been to Charlotte twice to see my new hometown and a trip to Maryland was long over due!
Ava is just over a year and all weekend I wished Elle was with me just so the two of them could play...they would have had a ball!!
Jessie and John took such good care of me while I was there.  John cooked meals for us and we went out to eat.  We got to relax and spend time catching up.  It really makes me wish we lived closer!  Jess and I grew up 4 houses away from each other from before Kindergarten until after college.  I am so blessed to have her friendship over so many years, so many life events, and so many changes.

I did an awful job taking pictures while I was in Maryland, and it rained all day Sunday while we walked around and shopped.  So we finally got a picture when Jessie dropped me off at the airport.
While I was away, the girls were spoiled and loved :)  LD's parents came down to spend the weekend with them, and I have no doubt they love having everyone to themselves anytime I'm away.  :)

They asked if they could buy the girls their birthday presents early so they could enjoy playing with them while they were there.  So we headed to Target and came home with some fun toys!  Elle got this very cool princess bike, which both girls love!

And Clare picked this cute camera, which is pretty fun!  It takes movies, pictures, has games and a little double eye viewer to make it easier.  Clare loves it!

And she was sweet enough to share it with Elle too!!
We have had big summer adventures in the month of August!  But next week starts a whole new chapter for us...Clare starts preschool!! And we are all So excited!!

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