Monday, August 20, 2012

College Roomie Reunion

I had the most amazing group of college roomies!  For four years I lived with the same roomie, 3 years with the same 4 girls, and 2 years with these beautiful 10 ladies!!!  The 10 of us have not been together in 8 years, since mine and LD's wedding!  Last summer at Renee's wedding we decided it was time to make a plan!

So we headed to Burlington the middle of nowhere, but was halfway for most of us.  Two families traveled from North Carolina, one from Utah, one from Indiana and the rest from Michigan.

I have to say I am in awe that in 8 years our group of girls went from just the 8 of us to this....36 individuals!  WOW...we have grown!!!

This is the perfect house we stayed in where each family had a room.  A few were in the guest house on the left and the rest of us were in the main house.  There was a pool, a playground and TONS of room to play!

Even though the water was FREEZING the kids enjoyed swimming and playing!

And then sunbathing while they shivered before hopping back in the water.

I think Luke and Clare were usually the earliest to wake up at 7am and spent the early mornings playing their Ipads side by side :)

I will say Kristen was our resident planner and we were all paired up to prepare either a breakfast or a lunch for the crew, and that was the only meal we had to worry about.  It worked out awesome...and was very cost effective!

We took walks....

And had new people to carry us when mom and dad refused!

We made lots of new friends!  Elle and Avery are 1 month apart and seriously look like they could be sisters.  They are so sweet!

They had carpeted and finished off the garage, so it was a great place for us to eat all of our meals together.

And of course we had a campfire and roasted smores!

And just TRULY enjoyed hanging out together!!

We decided to be really brave and take 16 children on a hike to do some geocaching.

Clare was VERY unimpressed with the activity. :)

But the after hike snack made up for it!!!

You would assume taking a trip with 16 children ages 7 and under in one house would be a complete nightmare...but you don't know my friends.  They are quite awesome and all the children were incredibly well behaved.  Everyone was in bed by 9pm every night, which allowed the adults to hang out until the wee hours of the night.  And who would have thought with all the chaos we would be able to spend sweet moments just swinging!

We all know that no summer vacation is complete without watermelon!!!!

All of the adults decided to put together a 4 vs 4 volleyball tourney.  So whichever teams were not playing were in charge of babysitting.  This i what it looks like during craft time with 16 children!

There are two of us girls currently pregnant, bringing the total up to 18 children when we do this again in two years.  But I would guess we will have more like 20 - 22.  These ladies love being mamas!

I am in such awe that in 8 years my beautiful college roomies were blessed with these 16 precious faces!!

I love you girls and can't wait to do it again in two years!!

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Melissa Hoffman said...

What a great idea!too fun!!!! So glad y'all were able to do this:)