Friday, August 10, 2012

Grammies, Aunts and Cousins, oh my!!

The worlds GREATEST vacation for a mom is to have family in town when you are not used to having family close by!  I seriously take a vacation whenever family comes in town...I sleep later, stay in my jammies later, take a shower while the girls are awake, make dinner after nap time.  All of this is a BIG treat!!!

So I was THRILLED that my mom, Aunt Tina and cousins Timothy and Emily were coming for the week.

Of course there were a LOT of presents and surprises while they were here!  I didn't do great on pictures, but both my mom and aunt came with bags full of presents for the girls.

And then after opening all of them, we did lots of shopping, so they got even more fun things!

But every morning was spent in our jammies, which is the best!

Clare got about 5 new work books and everyone worked on them with her all day. I cannot believe how big she is getting.  And since Aunt Tina is a preschool teacher, Clare just loved having her help with the books.

And my little mooch ate everyones cereal with a sweet "please, bite?" every morning.  I mean who couldn't resist her??

The girls were very lucky to have Timothy and Emily carry them everywhere.  It will be an adjustment not that its just mommy again and I refuse to carry my peanuts around.

But, my almost 4 year old ate it up and loved being held.

Such a cute picture of Elle and Aunt Tina getting they  morning wake up time.

We did a LOT of shopping while everyone was here.  Emily found a homecoming dress, both of them got some back to school clothes, and we hit the teacher store for my aunt.

But, we also found time to swim and relax in the sunshine!

And the girls were thrilled to show off their pool tricks!

We were sad to see them go this morning and get back to reality!  Laundry, dishes, grocery shopping and errands were all on the agenda for today.  I really do take a vacation when family comes in town!

These girls are blessed to have some pretty awesome cousins.

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