Sunday, July 15, 2012

Another sweet blessing!

Not only is Clare going to be the biggest sister, but now Elle is going to be a big sister too!!  We are expecting our third sweet baby to join our family in January!  I was looking at the blog and Clare's announcement was very early, Elle's was about 8 weeks and this poor baby's I am making almost out of my first trimester!

My gut says its another girl because I have had yet again a very easy first trimester.  No sickness, no nausea, just a little sleepy, which is a HUGE bonus when I have no little ones to chase around. 

We are so excited to be adding to our family, and Clare is really thrilled she is going to have ANOTHER baby in the house!

I am due January 23rd and that day is already approaching too quickly!  I feel like every pregnancy 9 months gets shorter and shorter :)

We are blessed...beyond measure!


Evan said...

Can't wait to be an uncle again! You know what, another girl would be amazing. You have some of the sweetest girls on the planet. One more would make me happy! So would a boy, just saying.

Rebecca said...

congratulations! how exciting!!