Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

I am so incredibly blessed to be a mother. I am often in quite amazement that I am already in the motherhood stage of my life! Last year was exciting it being my first year as a mom and this year is so exciting knowing that I have one sweet little girl here and one growing little baby on the way! I can only imagine the joy that next year will bring with two children!!

I had a perfect day thanks to my great hubby and daughter! I had cards waiting for me in the morning before I left for church with a gift card to destination maternity, my favorite maternity store. Then the afternoon was spent reading a great book and napping (also two of my favorite things!). Then LD and Clare took me to a delicious dinner at an Portofino's. The whole day was great!

But I have to admit the very best part of my day was taking Clare to bed last night. We always rock, read a few books and sing a few songs. Her very favorite song right now is "whole world" and when she sings it she holds her hands out in front of her and says "mommy and daddy" until we do the same thing. So she asked if we could sing whole world and when I said "he's got mommy and daddy in His hands" she was not satisfied and also wanted "Lammie and Blanket" in his hands and of course "Bella" in his hands. So yes, our song got longer and longer. It is so much fun to see her sweet imagination!

I am so blessed to do this job called Mommy for the rest of my life!

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