Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mommy's Birthday at the Zoo!

I think I love the zoo more than most adults. The funny thing is I really don't love animals all that much. I just love walking around outside, stopping at each attraction and watching kids as they see these animals they've only read about in books. It's a fun place to be! Anyway, I woke up on my 28th birthday to LD's alarm at 7am and he got up for a run. The past two years he has taken off work for my birthday but when he got up and ran I figured it was not happening this year. When I got up there was a card on the counter for me and inside was a map of both the NC zoo and the SC zoo! I told him I was so glad he knew me so well to know that spending the day at the zoo with him and Clare was the perfect way to spend a birthday and his response was "well you've asked me to go multiple times a week, so I figured I couldn't go wrong!" :) LD was also amazed that he can surprise me 3 years in a row with the same birthday surprise (taking off work)...hey, I'm easily surprised!!
It was a perfect day for the zoo, overcast and low 70s. We ended up at the NC zoo in Asheboro and it was so fun! Clare loved the animals, but only if they were far away. When the apes started moving around she was done! She walked a little, rode a little, and daddy even carried her a little, so she was in all her glory. I am trying not to carry her as much with baby #2 on the way, but daddy has a harder time saying no to her request.

We headed home and totally missed Clare's nap. She took a 30 min. snooze in the car and I knew it would be an early night for her. We went to our favorite bbq place, Mac's for dinner and came home to open presents sent from family and friends!! Not much better way to spend a birthday than with my sweet little family!!

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