Saturday, May 1, 2010

Family Update

It's time for a family update! We have had such a fun and busy life the last few weeks that it just seems like a great time to document all that has been going on since it feels like summer is here and things are slowing down.

Clare: Last week Clare turned 19 months old. It's always so hard to believe when she turns another month older and I don't know why every month I feel so surprised how fast the time is going. This has been a big month for Clare. She is using 2-3 words together and can tell us pretty much anything she wants. When she has a big story to tell she still uses a lot of babble with tons of hand gestures and expressions. Her new favorite word is "Alright!" She loves to use it when she is imitating mommy and has a "purse" on her shoulder and is pretending to leave. She claps her hands together, holds her purse and says "Alright!" Since this little trick has started I've realized that every time I leave the house I do the same thing. Clare also loves her library class on Wednesdays. She really loves to be the center of attention and we have had to practice not talking to the teacher when she is reading the "class" a book. They also do bubbles every week which would send Clare into a hyper frenzy of excitement, but the last week Clare finally is comprehending that she can play with bubbles without running over the other kids in the class. Clare continues to be a little light in our home, making us laugh multiple times a day. We are so blessed to have her as our daughter! Not only does she bring us so much joy, but she really brings joy to everyone she comes in contact with...she is just so much fun!

Baby J: I am now 15 weeks pregnant and really wish time would slow down. I felt like with Clare time could not go fast enough and it always seemed to drag when I was pregnant. Not so with this baby! Everytime another week goes by I try not to panic that its going to be here so incredibly fast. I am so very excited to meet the next addition to our family...we just have a lot to do before his/her arrival. I think we will find out the beginning of June whether we are having a boy or a girl and thats incredibly exciting! So far I'm not feeling any movement, but I am getting a little tummy...yes, already. I am blessed that I am not tired, and never was has made chasing Clare a lot easier.

Daddy: LD has been so busy lately, but all good stuff! Work is going great, he loves what he does and who he works with and it is a huge blessing that he enjoys going to work everyday. We are both constantly so amazed at how God continues to bless LD in his work. Softball season has started and Clare and I attended our first game as daddy's cheerleaders last week. LD and I also decided in January that we would have a monthly date night. Yes, only monthly which sounds crazy, but its been realy good. With only having monthly date nights we can afford to do fun things and not feel so stressed about how much we were spending. The rest of the weekends we have movie nights, etc at home. But LD has done a GREAT job planning some fun dates (We take turns each month and he's much better than me!). February of course was spent in Charleston, March we went to see Ingrid Michaelson in concert who we both love, this weekend we went to dinner and a movie (we saw Date Night), and next month we are in the front row of Wicked! It's been really fun to have something the two of us can look forward to.

Mommy: We just finished our 3rd Xtreme Home Makeover at church which is always a big project for me and my family. It's such a joy that God has allowed me the opportunity to work on such a fun and rewarding project with so many incredible volunteers. I love being part of a church that gives love away so freely and with such dedication. Hopefully I'll be able to post a video of the event next week. Now that the Makeover is over I have been going to prenatal Yoga classes at the Y, getting back into my meal planning and coupon clipping mode. I love being a mom and love being a wife. I am blessed to have a family to love!

So excited to start the summer!!

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