Thursday, April 1, 2010

Parks, museums and family fun!!

I have been such an inconsistent blogger lately, but when I look at what we have been doing the last month I'm really not that surprised. Clare has successfully dropped her morning nap, which means a lot more free time in our day and we have been doing some exploring around the city. Also we have some visitors last week when LD's sister, Lei and her family came to visit for their spring was such a treat!

I am so thankful that we live in a city like Charlotte where there are SO many things to do. And I am so thankful that for the most part we have great weather so we can spend lots of time outside!! A few week ago Clare and I spent the morning at the Charlotte Nature Museum. It was her second time (she went first with Grammie), but our first time together. She LOVED the butterfly house (which Grammie didn't take her in because she is scared of anything that flies!!), and the water table. They also have a little trail out back and we had fun exploring on that.

While our family was here we were so busy shopping for a prom dress for Kara (and we were successful), eating at great restaurants, playing at the park, and stopping by Discovery Place, the children's museum uptown. Again the highlight of the museum for Clare was the water table and she was SOAKED!! We definetely need to think about investing in a water table for the summer.

This week we are preparing for more visitors over Easter. Tomorrow my aunt, uncle and cousins come in, and Sunday my parents fly in. Clare is not going to know what to do with herself when its back to just the two of us!! Right now she has a serious cold and we are praying for a miraculous recovery before our company comes. It is 80 degrees and beautiful the rest of the week and we are loving the sunshine!

Hope your Easter is wonderful! So thankful I serve a risen LORD!

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