Saturday, March 20, 2010

Clare is going to be a big sister!!!!!

I have been waiting for so long to finally write this post!! LD and I found out February 12th that we are going to have another baby. We are so excited and feel so blessed that God has granted our desire for a baby. We kept it a secret from everyone until we heard the heartbeat a few weeks ago, and then told family and friends. I am due October 23rd which makes me 9 weeks today. I had a few weeks of nausea, but no getting sick (thank goodness) and lots of sleepiness. But already I feel my energy coming back and no more nausea. So far, in both pregnancies I have had the first trimester pretty easy, so hopefully that continues.

We have told Clare about her new sibling, but of course she doesn't really get it yet. When I put her clothes on her after a bath she always kicks her feet just being excited and I started telling her that she couldn't kick because of the baby in my belly. So now when she kicks her feet she looks at me, touches her own tummy and says "baby." Not quite...but close.

We are so happy to add to our family, but know many challenges and much exhaustion lie ahead of us. Please pray for our little peanut as he/she continues to grow. Yes, we will find out the sex, I am not good with being patient and, being type A I need to have the plans in order :)


Brianne said...

You and your new little one, as well as big sister and the pops will all be in my prayers! Congratulations on your new blessing Melissa!

Jessica Perry said...

Yay!! Congrats Melissa and LD! So excited for you guys:)

Rebecca said...

yea!! congrats to you!