Friday, April 16, 2010

Clare's 18 month pics

As you can see from our finally updated blog, we have some awesome new pictures that were taken by Christine. The very cool thing about Christine and Dimples and Curls Photography is that when Clare was born Christine was just getting into photography. She kept saying she wanted to take some pictures of Clare and I said, "sure anytime!" It wasn't until Clare was 5 months old that we made it over to Christine's and it was her first ever photo shoot. After seeing those first pictures I thought it was insane that she was not already in business. She is good!!! I love that she just lets Clare play in her natural environment and is in no rush, which leads to super quality pictures.

In the last year Christine has developed an amazing business that is growing all the time. I'm so thankful she still takes Clare's pictures because I always look forward to our photo days. This time we were even able to pull LD into a few ;) Also, Millie, Christine's mom makes these amazing little girl outfits that we love!! They are so beautiful and she never uses a pattern...that is creativity!! And I have even more appreciation for the creativity of Millie and Christine because I was not blessed with any.

Here are a few of the pictures Christine took last Sunday. They were taken in the park that is connected to our subdivision and we love spending a lot of time there.


The Grasmans said...

I love the pictures...again! They are always so cute:) Clare is just a doll. I really want to buy dresses from that lady if we ever have a girl!! Do you think she would ship to Michigan??:)

jacksonfamily said...

Hey Sar!! She has shipped to Michigan for a friend of mine before. Right now she is only doing orders for Christine's pics. They are amazing dresses!! I will have to try to hook you up when that day comes :) Love ya!!