Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter at the Jackson

I'm not sure why my pictures did not work in the last post, but hopefully these ones will. We have had a week long celebration of Easter and it has been so much fun!! Last week my aunt, uncle and cousins came to visit on Friday evening. We had a "mock" Easter egg hunt for Clare to practice, painted Easter eggs, did some shopping and played a lot outside. It was 85-90 degrees the whole time they were here so we got to do a lot of playing!
On Sunday Clare got to wear her beautiful Easter dress made by a dear friend Millie Roman to church and then we all came home to start the huge Easter dinner process. We cooked from 1-4 and at 5 LD left to go pick up my parents from the airport. Finally at 6pm we were all sitting down to Easter dinner and we were all exhausted.

Clare got a total of 3 Easter baskets, a baby bed, a baby high chair, a water table and a swimming pool. Yes, she is very loved (AKA spoiled) by our families and we have a lot of new fun things to start the summer with!!
We hope your Easter was wonderful!!

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