Monday, August 5, 2013

Half a year, little one!

I have never been super sentimental.  I don't cry at mushy movies.  I don't keep many keepsakes. At times I wish I had more of a coddling instinct with my children.  I love them very passionately, just not the rock in chair all night so I can smell your hair and feel your skin kinds of demonstration. 

Enter my little Cole-man.

I think it is a mixture of being a son, my son and also of being my last baby.  I truly cannot believe how fast the first half of his first year went.  It makes me weepy just thinking about it.  I feel like we missed so much, yet I know we treasured so many special moments because LD and I talked about it all the time.  How he was most likely our last newborn, the last baby to sleep in our room, the last baby we would feed with a spoon for the first time, the last baby I would nurse (that one was really hard for me and I don't even like nursing!), all of these last milestones has made me very reflective.

BUT, this blog post  is a celebration of Cole's first six months, not a sob story about how this mama cannot handle her babies growing up (suck it up, right?)

Cole is the worlds EASIEST child, um, ever.  He goes to anyone, smiles at anyone, flirts with everyone batting those big baby blues.  He is the worlds best sleeper, going for a record 14 hrs the other night.  He is much more mobile than the girls were at this age, or though it seems, but at times I feel like he was born yesterday.  He is rolling all over the house, cruising around in his walker, and jumping non-stop in his jumper!

His very favorite thing is attention from his sisters.  When they just give him a second of eye contact, he belly laughs. (Side note: When we took Cole to get his six month shots both girls cried, I mean real tears kinda cries when Cole got poked.  It was so sweet and complete chaos). Every morning after breakfast they ask for him to be put in his walker and pull him into the play room and shut the door.  Truly, they stay like that for an hour.  It's bliss for all!!

We dropped Cole's evening cat nap pretty early on so he would go down at night the same time as the girls, so from 3:30 til 7 he is awake and it is a difficult time for sure.  He is a screamer, squealer, high-pitched ringer, and it kills brain cells.  He eats at 3:30, has table food at 5:30 and from then til 7 there is a full blown concert.  During that awful time, when its also dinner, baths and bedtime prep for everyone else, and LD is usually not home, we resort to ANYTHING to keep everyone happy.  He has started gnawing on apples and watermelon in his teether food toy, and drinking out of a sippy cup (he's pretty awesome at it) to get us through the afternoon.

He really is SUCH a joyful little boy.  He has the cutest dimples, the biggest blue eyes and longest eye lashes.  No doubt he will be a heart breaker.  We cannot imagine life without this little man.

Happy six months Cole- man!

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Britt Watt said...

Hahaha I know what you mean about the screaming! Henry is so much louder in the evening. It drives Shawn and I so crazy!