Saturday, July 13, 2013

Let's blog!

Oh my, I have been the worlds worst blogger.  The good news is that the reason I haven't been blogging religiously is because we have been LOVING summer!  I feel like with Clare having one year of pre-school under way this was our first real summer to enjoy.  I felt like we could all relax, stay in our pjs longer, watch a little more tv and just enjoy life.  It's funny how changing up routine gives you different perspective.  And I felt like I needed a good month of just chill time, knowing I survived January through May with Cole's arrival and getting Clare to and from school (sounds little, but it was hard work!).  Now, since its mid-July and I haven't posted since May....I'll just make this a catch up post on summer with the Jacksons!

The beginning of the summer we RELISHED in being home.  I don't think we left the town of Wesley Chapel for two was awesome!!
Sweet Elle has the best summer hair :)
With Cole being a little older he can now join in the fun outside.  And do you see those blue eyes?!?!
I started the summer saying I was NOT going to a pool alone with all three, but we have accomplished it.  I don't have many pictures because I was alone at the pool with 3 - HA. It is a lot of work, but it can be done.  The girls (esp Clare) is to the age where she wants her swim wings off and she is not a good swimmer yet.  So we have a rule they have to be on when I am by myself with everyone, but I do think swimming lessons will be in the near future.
And since we don't have a pool in our neighborhood, we have blown up a little pool a few times and everyone loves it!


And sometimes we get creative ;)
Clare did a week long dance camp that was called Princess Palooza (right up her alley!) at the dance studio at the end of our street.  We could even walk and pick her up afterwards.
We celebrated Fathers Day- doesn't LD look so relaxed enjoying breakfast in bed??
And LD's 31st birthday!!

We have had a full summer already!  Here is what is yet to come!
1.  A week long camp for BOTH girls at the school where Clare will go next year
2.  The arrival of my nephew in late August
3. And to top off a perfect summer - DISNEY in September (AHHHH!!!)




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