Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My 31st Surprise

I am someone who LOVES an adventure more than a gift.  At least for the last 4 years we have done a family activity for my birthday.  My husband knows how much I love surprises and how much I love to be together as a its perfect for me.
I told LD a few weeks ago that I wanted the girls to see the ocean this summer.  We didn't make it last summer and when you are only a few hours away that is not excusable.

I also knew that since we already have a few other trips planned a week in a condo, ocean front (which is the only way I was going) was not going to happen.  So, I told LD I wanted to get up early in the morning, drive to the beach and drive home that night.  Yes, its insane, but so is lugging 3 kids and all their gear to the beach for a 30 min run before one needs a break.
Well...he did even better :)  He asked me on Saturday about 11am if I wanted to go to the  So I packed us all up in an hour, he booked a 2 bedroom condo and away we went!
And it was perfect!!!!  We spend Saturday evening on the boardwalk, having dinner and the girls ran around on the beach.

Of course, Cole just went with the flow.

When night time came the girls had their own little room.  It was so cute and they were so sweet all tucked in and giggling.  I thought, man we should let them sleep together on the weekends.  Then at 10:30pm when they were both still awake giggling and getting in and out of bed I remembered why they don't share a room and why Elle is still in a crib.  At 11pm I heard something in the bathroom and saw Elle standing with her diaper and pants off because she needed to go potty.....I was not thrilled with her sense of adventure.

Sunday morning was very cloudy skies and we had to be out of our room by 10.  I was nervous....but LD remembered our friends the Gillmings were also at the beach and they graciously allowed us to use their beach access and room for the day.

It was a perfect day.  The girls LOVED the water and the sane (which was not the case the last time we were there).

We played so hard all day long and loved having friends to play with.

I love that Cole took a nap on the sweet6!!  We all piled into the car at 3pm and the girls slept hard all the way home.  We may have to make this little trip once more this summer!!
Perfect 31st birthday!!


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